The picture shows schematically the basic structure of an EB machine.

The main components are:

  • A working chamber which is evacuated to the required operating pressure
  • A movement system for the workpiece and possibly for the generator
  • A chamber pump system for achieving the necessary working pressure
  • The EB generator,
  • The generator pumping system,
  • The high voltage power supply
  • The machine control (often with an interface to higher-level systems)
  • A cooling system for the power components
  • A compressed air system for specific feed motions and valve movements.

the basic structure of an EB machine

These basic components are part of every EB machine. The design and size of the machine and the required periphery depend of the processing task and the workpieces that have to be manufactured. This wide range of requirements is the reason that almost all EB machines are special purpose machines.
Here are some points that affect the design of the machine considerably:

  • Individual manufacturing of (large) parts or small parts in mass production
  • Manual or automated loading and unloading
  • Installation as a stand-alone machine or arranged in a line / cell
  • For use as a single-purpose machine or as a universal machine for a wide range of parts
  • Processing with soft vacuum or with high vacuum conditions
  • Beam generating at low voltage (60 kV) or high voltage (typically 150 kV) level
  • Beam power in the lower range (up to about 6 kW) or in the high range (up to 60 kW and even more)

The design of the machine control system strongly depends on the machining task and the required movement axes. Thus, the EB-Machines are equipped with programmable logic controllers (PLC, cheaper but less flexible) or CNC controls (very flexible). Even modern fast PC-based deflection control systems are used.

More details of the various PTR machine systems you can view at the corresponding menu items of this website or on the pages of the other members of the GBT group (Steigerwald Strahltechnik, PTR-Precision Technologies).

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