The EB systems consist of individual modules, which depend on the technical requirements of the workpieces to be welded. The main components of an EB welding system are the EB generator, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump system, high voltage, switch cabinet, controls and the base frame. We combine these modules depending on the technical requirements and component size.

The dependence of the individual components on each other and the technical requirement is as follows:

1 - Switch cabinet and controls

Switch cabinet

The configuration of the switch cabinets depends essentially on the controls used, and whether or not the machine is incorporated into an automated system. Automation components include for example transport devices, robots, washing machines, demagnetisation units, warming stations, loading and unloading handling, ultrasound testing units, etc.
These are also supplied by PTR.


The type of controls depends on the number of interpolating axes and the specific wishes of the customer. If 2 or more axes must be interpolated, a CNC control if used, and if not, a PLC version is sufficient.


(This picture shows a 60 kV / 6 kW production machine EBOMAT PP 01 with 4 positions for the welding of gear wheels, which is equipped with a horizontal and a vertical generator)

2 - Vacuum chamber

The size of the vacuum chamber depends on the geometry of the part to be welded. The working chambers are mounted on a stable base frame. The requirements on the working vacuum determine the surface properties inside the chamber.

3 - Base frame

The design of the base frame depends on the chamber size, the pump stand used and the configuration of other components, such as the performance of the high-voltage supply. In some cases (for example, pump stand, switch cabinets, or the high-voltage supply) the components can be arranged separately.

4 - EB Generator

The generator bodies are basically identical in their construction. Further details depend on the required performance of the beam, the desired deflection system and the required optical system.

5 - Vacuum pump stand

The pump stand depends on the size of the chamber and the vacuum level to be achieved within a certain time. I.e. the larger the chamber and the harder the vacuum has to be, the larger and more complex is the vacuum pump stand. There are also oil-free pump stands available.

6 - High Voltage Power Supply

The level of the high voltage depends on the requested beam power. The beam power has to be higher the deeper the weld has to be. The high voltage power supply creates an acceleration voltage of 0 to 60 kV with an power of up to 30 kW.


Control panel with touch screen – PLC version

Control panel with touch screen – CNC version

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