In the beam generator the electrons are emitted from a wolfram cathode accelerated by 60 to 175 kV to about 2/3 of the speed of light and then focused on the work piece into a beam with high power intensity. The electrons are slowed down here and the beam energy is converted into heat.
Power flux intensities of approximately more than 1 kW/mm2 lead to spontaneous vaporization of the material with the corresponding deep weld effect. PTR electron beam generators reach power flux densities of more than 100 kW/mm2 and therefore feature another field of application for electron beam technology.

  • Water cooled high voltage insulator with optimized vaporization protection
    Operational safety even with 100 % ED and when welding Al- and Mg-alloys
  • Computer optimized, modular beam generator® (triode)
    The greatest operational safety because of minimum electrical field strength
    Wolfram – strip-type harmonic cathode
    High emission density with long working life of the cathode. Easy cathode exchange
    Wehnelt cylinder (corresponds to a negative control grid)
    Powerless, high dynamic control of the beam energy
    Acceleration anode
    Optimized beam generator geometry®
  • Focusing stabilization®
    Constant beam focus in the high vacuum of 10-3 to 10-5 mbar.
  • Turbo molecular pump stand
    High vacuum free from hydrocarbons for a long cathode life
  • Beam tube value
    Hermetically seals the beam generation compartment if the working chamber is flooded
  • Light optical observation system (also with color TV camera)
    Coaxial observation of the EB beam, before, during and after processing
  • Electromagnetic focusing lens
    Ultra precise focusing of the electron beam also for various working distances
  • Electromagnetic deflection system
    Universal beam deflection with DC and AC current with frequencies up to more than 100 kHz

Elektronenstrahl Generator

PTR electron beam generators for

High- and softvacuum 60 kV accellerating voltage and 1 - 25 kW beam power
150 kV accellerating voltage and 7,5 - 60 kW beam power
Atmosphäre-Anlagen: 175 kV accellerating voltage and 1 - 30 kW beam power

Application range for EB welding of steel materials in practice

Welding depths: 0.05 up to 200 mm and more
Welding speeds: 0.5 up to 400 mm/s and more

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