All components that comprise the EBOMAT machines are of a modular construction and built on a space-saving platform. This concept enables the various production requirements to be realised.

The machines are designed for mass production and work with the reliable 180° rotary index-table system. This makes it possible for the exchange time of the process to be co-incident with the load/unload cycle, so that shortest auxiliary times can be achieved. Below the cylindrical vacuum chamber is a ring with a conical format which locates the chamber base-plate and is driven by a servo-motor. With every production cycle; the base-plate is elevated exactly into the conical ring by a lifting device.

At the end of the cycle it is again lowered into the loading position. Each work-piece fixture is located on its own base-plate, so that changing work-piece production does not require any re-engineering or test welds; a real saving in time which promotes higher production efficiency and above all reduces costs.

The advantages of the EBOMAT Series

  • Universal modular construction
  • Cost efficient configuration of different machines
  • Space saving platform
  • Short work cycles
  • Fast convertibility for different tasks
  • Large flexibility for planning of production lines
  • Short delivery time

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The EBOMAT series whilst having an element of standardisation have individual characteristics with interfaces to standard modules. This means that numerous options for machine construction are available to deal with specific applications.

In comparison to a “standard” machine the EBOMAT delivers customer specific, a "quasi-customer designed solution" so that investment is kept to a minimum; quality is then at its maximum, combined with the highest operational effectiveness.

The modular system of the EBOMAT series enables an optimised design for the special tasks of the customers. The available modules provide, for example, the EB generator to be mounted vertically, horizontally or obliquely at 45° onto the chamber – or onto a generator-slide.

Concept for medium sized components – for example, in the automotive industry for the production of automatic-gears. In this case the chamber volume is approximately 28 litres and can be evacuated to 5x10-2 mbar in approximately 7 seconds.

For larger components – also used in mass production. In this case the chamber volume is approximately 70 litres with a suitably sized pump-stand. The complete flexibility of the EBOMAT series is also available.

EBOMAT PK 03 - for welding planetary and circumferential seams within one evacuation cycle. With these cycle-type machines, applications for electron beam welding or hardening on both circumferential surfaces as well as planetary faces can be achieved by programme controlled indexing of the innerbase by 180° all within a single process cycle.

The EBOMAT PS 02 is designed as a load lock cycle machine to weld highly effective smaller components. A characteristic of this machine is a small lock chamber which is used for exchanging the work pieces while the process chamber is evacuated continuously.

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