Laserschweißen im Vakuum
Laser welding at reduced pressure is characterised by a range of advantages: With the same laser performance, the achievable welding depth is approximately doubled in comparison to welding at normal ambient pressure. The weld profile is also more parallel-sided and the formation of the nailhead reduced.

The reduced pressure also dispenses with the use of inert gas, and the melt can de-gas more easily, thereby reducing the pore density. All effects therefore contribute to the improvement of the quality of the weld seam!

The LASVAC PL series has been developed on the basis of the proven and established PTR cycle system. This enables the coupling of the solid state laser by laser fiber.
The main area of application is the mass production of components with radial and/or axial weld seams. Due to the flexibility of the system, the LASVAC PL series is also the ideal tool for a changing component range. If workpieces or production conditions change at a later time, the modular design of the LASVAC PL series enables the system to be adapted and upgraded as necessary.

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The advantages of the LASVAC PL 02

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  • Laser at reduced pressure: innovative welding technology with clear advantages over Laser welding at normal ambient pressure
  • Welding process without inert gas
  • Significant increase (doubling!) of the welding depth
  • Parallel-sided seams with reduced nailhead
  • Increased process stability due to greatly reduced and stable plasma plume
  • Reduction of workpiece contamination by spatter and vaporisation
  • Higher-quality, pore-free weld seams
  • Low operating costs due to efficient solid-state laser
  • System designed for welding of radial and/or axial seams
  • Highly flexible cycle system with workpiece carriers replaceable without tools
  • 1-, 3- and 6-spindle palettes can be used alternately
  • The modular design also enables the subsequent adaptation to new workpieces and changed production requirements
  • CNC or PLC controls with process-specific and intuitive operating screens

Technical data

Diameter/height 390 / 470 mm
Volume 71 Litre
Palettes 1, 3 and 6-spindle
Pump stand 2-stage (turbo-, rotary vane pump)
Vakuum < 5 x 10-1 mbar
Evacuation time approx. 5 seconds
Workpiece size  
1-spindle 375 / 387 mm (Ø / h)
3-spindle 155 / 350 mm (Ø / h)
6-spindle 105 / 350 mm (Ø / h)
Laser thread  
Solid-state laser Disk or fibre laser
Beam guidance via laser fiber
Optics Lens or mirror optics
Focal length workpiece specific
Focus adjustment Manual or motor-driven as NC axis
Focus stroke 120 mm
Optics performance < 20 kW
CNC Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl
API Siemens SIMATIC S7-300
Dimensions without laser  
Depth x width x height 3300 x 1800 x 2800 mm
Connection values  
Voltage 3 x 400V, PE, N, 50 Hz
Performance approx. 35 kVA, with out laser
Air pressure 4,5 – 6 bar

Typical workpieces

werkstueck 1

Miscellaneous gear components for cars and commercial vehicles

werkstueck 2

Powertrain: gear wheel for car and commercial vehicles

werkstueck 3

Planetary carrier with welding depth of 10 mm

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